Mars and NASA

Continuing its work on Mars, NASA collects new data every day. Controlling Mars from the ground with instruments such as Perseverance and Curiosty, NASA also flies with Ingenuity and brings together various data. Another spacecraft,


called Insight, has targeted tremors. Insight, which detected the largest earthquake to date with a magnitude of 4.2 in August, also recorded the shaking that lasted for 94 minutes. On May 4, the largest earthquake ever occurred on Mars.

The biggest earthquake ever detected on another planet!
It was stated that the magnitude of the earthquake, which was described as the largest earthquake detected on


another planet, was 5.0. With further examination of the natural phenomenon that NASA describes as a “monster earthquake”, scientists hope to determine the epicenter and source of the earthquake.

Researchers want to learn more about the red planet by examining such natural phenomena. NASA announced this great earthquake with the title “We felt it” in its May 10 post. The following statements are included in the post made by Insight: vegas insider secrets

After more than three years of listening to the soft jolts of Mars, I felt my biggest ‘marsquake’ ever: it seems to be magnitude 5. My team is reviewing the data to learn more.Science rewards patience! Unlike Earth, Mars does not have tectonic plates. For this reason, tremors occur as a result of volcanic activities, not tectonic events. Researchers plan to better understand the mantle and core layer of the red planet by paras ravintola Vaasa studying the tremors that occur because of this. Monitoring Mars for more than three years, InSight has detected more than 1,313 earthquakes.

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Growth in 2022 will lead to battery supply chain
Digitimes Research analyst Lin Fenhui stated that the electric car industry will experience a big leap this year. So much so that, according to reports, a production number exceeding 100 percent will be reached this year compared to last year. However, the battery technology to be used in vehicles is not fully ready for this situation. As it is known, charging stations and battery production were among the reasons why electric cars could not become widespread in the past. Although this problem is reduced to minimum values ​​with the investments made,

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The analyst noted that there is currently a positive trend in energy saving and emission reduction in the world.

However, the battery supply chain that will occur may cause minor changes in this table. Because the battery material prices in March 2022 increased 8 times compared to December 2020. It seems that even greater increases will be observed.